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SAVE THE DATE… Winefest 2017

Saturday, September 9, 2017 at the American-German Club

Enjoy a true German winegarten festival atmosphere, with tastings, appetizers, and a carefully selected menu to enjoy with your whites or reds. Music, sing-alongs, and most importantly, the wine!

Everyone knows that Germany is home to festivals that serve beer, but did you know that the world's largest wine festival is held also in Germany. The Dürkheimer Wurstmarket is the world's largest wine festival with over 600,000 visitors each year. It is held annually on the second and third weekend of September. During the fall, there are many wine fests all around the German Wine regions. There are regular restaurants, but also "Strausswirtschaften," a type of wine tavern in Germany’s winegrowing areas that is only open during certain times of the year. Typically it is a pub run by winegrowers and winemakers themselves, in which they sell their own wine directly to the public. Guests can sit on benches and drink local wine and try local food!

The American-German Club of the Palm Beaches cherishes this German tradition and holds its own Weinfest in the first weeks of September. For the last few years the club has chosen a Wine Queen, “Ms Winefest” to serve as the club’s own wine ambassador. In a secret voting elected during the Winefest and crowned only a few minutes later, she will take part in several club and local community festivals.

In September 2016, the club crowned its new Ms Winefest, club member De Lewis.

Wine Queen and our Ms Oktoberfest
Our 2015 Ms Winefest, Jennifer McDaniel is pictured at left with our 2015 Ms Oktoberfest, Christine Haycook.
  2014 Ms Winefest, the lovely Michelle Riggs
Our 2014 Ms Winefest, the lovely Michelle Riggs.
  Throughout the year, our Wine Queen and our Ms Oktoberfest will act as community liaisons to promote the many programs and events of our club.

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