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Traditional German Cooking Guide

Blutwurst (bloot-verst)
Literally, "blood sausage." Made from pig's blood, diced pork fat, onions and breadcrumbs. Also called blood pudding.

Bratwurst (braht-verst)

The best-known of these highly seasoned beef or pork sausages comes from Nürnberg. Enjoy them grilled.

Brezel (bray´-zull)

This pretzel-like baked food with a soft inside and a crunchy outside gets its distinctive color and taste from being dipped in lye and coarse salt before it's baked.

Frankfurter (frahnk´-furt-er)

Not just a hot dog, this smoked sausage is made from pure pork, eaten hot and usually accompanied by bread and mustard.

Kartoffelsalat (car-toff´-el-za-lot´)

This side dish of potato salad can come in many varieties, depending on regional influences, but is usually made with a cream or mayonnaise dressing.

Knödel (kuh-noh´-dle)

You might be served these dumplings instead of a potato dish. In fact, Knödel are often made from potatoes.

  Leberkäse (lay´-ber-kay´-zuh)
This specialty from southern Germany, Austria, and parts of Switzerland, is similar to meat pie. It consists of corned beef, bacon and onions baked casserole-style until it has a crunchy brown crust.

Sauerbraten (zow´-er-braht´-en)
Pot roast marinated for several days in vinegar, water, wine, and spices.

Sauerkraut (zow´-er-kraut)
You'd find it on a Frankfurter.

Spätzle (shpate´-zull)
This noodle dish, common in the Black Forest/Stuttgart region, is usually served with a meat dish and prepared with sauce. When mixed with fried onions and cheese, it becomes Käsespätzle.

Weißwurst (vice-verst)

Literally "white sausage," this traditional Bavarian sausage is made from veal, pork bacon, and seasonings. Enjoy it with sweet mustard.

Zwiebelkuchen (zvee´-bull-coo´-ken)

Pie made with onions, diced bacon and caraway seed, served hot.
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